Contact Information

Tel: 04-6927447

Head of Department: Natalia Mabrowitz, Mobile Phone: 054-2859840

Department Secretary: Natalia Kamensky, Mobile Phone: 054-2114755


Projectors Absorption Department:

Russian speakers Rita Zabotinsky 054-5676589

English speakers Shayna Paquin  050-4242268

Beni Menashe, Shimshon Lotzam, 053-2401991


Deputy Mayor and Acting Head of the Absorption Department, Arkady Barst:

Address: 50 Jerusalem st. Safed, 13010

Phone office: 04-6927499 Phone: 052-6038097



The Absorption Department provides a variety of services to the new and old immigrant community in Safed.

Today there are approximately 5,200 new immigrants and old immigrants, who make up 14% of the city's population.

The Absorption Department has been operating in the city for 15 years. This year, the Absorption Department will continue to provide an efficient and comprehensive response to the population in Safed, with an emphasis on absorption in the community of new immigrants and strengthening of the connection between the immigrant and the State of Israel through a variety of cultural sports, leisure and enrichment activities.

The Absorption Department works in cooperation with all the departments of the Safed Municipality and many other diverse bodies in the city, assists in the absorption of immigrants and directs them to relevant frameworks and professional bodies

The department provides services and assistance to new immigrants from the Former Soviet Union, immigrants from the Bnei Menashe community and immigrants from European countries, the United States and Canada.


The roles of the department:


1. Encouraging and absorbing new immigrants from all over the world in the city of Safed, creating a broad absorption infrastructure from housing to culture and leisure.

2. Strengthening the connection between the new and veteran immigrants and the local community and the State of Israel by tours of heritage sites, recreational and cultural events.

3. Providing efficient service to immigrants in coping with daily challenges.

4. Operating social clubs for immigrants from the former Soviet Union.


Services provided to immigrants by the Department:

*Information, advice and guidance for solving problems and assisting in the realization of rights

*Assistance in filling out forms and writing letters

*Translation and editing of CVs from Russian to Hebrew

*Connection with governmental and private institutions in and outside the community.


Work and care for new immigrants:

Publicizing and promoting the city with potential immigrants*

Connect with potential olim abroad before coming to Israel*

*Contacts with the Jewish Agency

*Coordination and coordination between the immigrant and the city's services system in order to assist in absorption processes.

*Follow-up assistance and assistance to immigrants who arrive in the city from the time they arrive, with coordination and mediation between all the departments such as municipal departments, health and education systems, social welfare organizations, voluntary organizations, the National Insurance Institute, the Ministry of the Interior.

Individual treatment adapted to immigrants' needs*

*Initial advice on employment and assistance in job search (as needed through direct contact with factories and employers in the region or via employment office).)

*Preliminary legal advice on general issues and referral to relevant parties: The General Federation, the Otzma Center


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